Finance Options

A+K offers a variety of finance and leasing packages to meet your business needs.

Benefits of leasing:

Leasing provides you with the flexibility to acquire the system you need to react and respond to your internal and external commercial requirements.

  • Immediate Acquisition of Equipment Acquire the equipment that is needed now, not when the cost meets capital budgeting requirements;
  • Conserve Working Capital The additional leasing facility will release valuable working capital for alternative projects within the business;
  • Tax Advantages 100% of all rentals paid can be offset against the corporate tax liability of the company;
  • Planned Budgeting Payments are fixed and structured to compliment the budgetary requirements of the company;
  • Upgrading Equipment Leasing affords the opportunity to upgrade or settle the agreement at any time throughout the period of the lease;
  • Protect Existing Lines of Credit Use leasing as an alternative to your existing funding facilities and protect established lines of credit.

Apply to our Finance Department

Please contact our finance department on 01638 510900.