Mitsubishi launches revolutionary WD390U-EST projector

Posted 09/04/2013

The WD390U-EST Extreme Short Throw Projector has a thin client built-in that allows users to remotely access the cloud.

The thin client projector is equipped with a remote log-in function that enables users to log-in to remote computers directly from the projector.

Previously, the LAN Display System required that the projector be selected from a computer.

The WD390U-EST itself also functions as a terminal adapter enabling connection to a cloud through a computer or server.

Expand learning with smartphones & tablets

Applications and data can be used in the cloud infrastructure environment.

Users can also download the free MirrorOp Receiver application that turns smartphones and tablet devices into tablet terminals.

The MirrorOp Receiver can be used with a device incorporating the SidePad function or Wifi Doc.

Other features of the WD390U-EST include a 3000lm high luminance and 3000:1 contrast ratio that has been achieved using the Dark chip3, newly introduced to the DLP® chip line-up. The projector is also 3D ready.