Mitsubishi releases UD740U projector

Posted 18/04/2013

The UD740U is the latest addition to the Mitsubishi 700 series and features a built-in, thin client function along with tablet device connectivity.

The thin client projector is equipped with a remote log-in function that enables users to log onto a network and display content from a local server, the internet or the cloud.

Users can also download the free SidePad and WiFi Doc applications for smartphones and tablet devices that allows Powerpoint®, Excel®, Word®, TXT, PPD and JPG files to be sent directly to a projector and shown.

The UD740U can also display 3D content direct from a Blu-ray 3D player.

The UD740U projector boasts an impressive 4100 lumens with a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a lamp life of up to 5000 hours in low mode.

With a manual lens shift function as standard, the projector can be used as either a high end mobile projector for smaller environments or as a simple installation model in larger spaces.

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by Anders + Kern