Say Hello to Minto - The newest addition to your meetings

Posted 23/05/2014

Welcome to the new era of phone conferencing 
Introducing Evoko Minto

Say hello to the most important participant in your future meetings. 
Say goodbye to background noise, distractions and comments that can’t be heard. 

Evoko Minto is intelligent, really easy to work with and all rather gorgeous. With a remarkable ability to hear what’s important and what isn’t. All thanks to a unique sound technology. Ready for use with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop: fast tracking you to the core of the meeting. Getting the message through to everyone — wherever you are.

Evoko Minto operates smoothly with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Working either through Bluetooth or cable, it takes only seconds to connect and can be controlled through your own device. Thanks to the voice feedback and the colored Halo Light you instantly know what is going on. The blue color, showing you a Bluetooth device is connected, changes to green when a call is active and instantly shifts to red when muted – letting you know you can speak freely. Evoko Minto is such a colorful player in your team.

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by Anders + Kern