A+K installs Video Wall to brings wow factor to fine jewellers

Posted 05/06/2014

Video Wall Brings Diamond Impact To Fine Jewellers Flagship Store

The Customer - Biagio the jewellers

Biagio the jewellers is an independent jewellers established in 1989 by creative jeweller and diamond specialist Biagio Patalano.

The owners started out in business over 20 years ago with a clear vision to set up a shop for people to visit and have a vast selection of jewellery designed and styled in a way you would find nowhere else except London, New York and Europe.

Today this vision has come to fruition With a shop in Bicester and Thame, Biagios are purveyors of some of the most sought-after brands and finest designers such as GUCCI, Emporio Armani and Jorge Revilla.

The Challenge

In order to keep moving forward and progressing the business, Biagio Patalano decided to embark on the challenge of opening a brand new shop in Bicester to open April 2014. The new store was to be triple the space of the previous shop and would become the brands flagship store.

With Biagio the jewellers renowned for discovering ‘something different’ in jewellery the owner was keen to reflect this in all elements of his new shop. With décor taking inspiration from New York to Italy, eye-catching elements to the shop include 2,500-crystal-rich chandeliers, Italian marble and princess chairs. 

 Having seen video walls being used in other retail environments the owner knew it was something that could provide the necessary wow factor to the new shop build.

It was seen that the video wall could be used to engage customers as they entered the store showing videos and dynamic content.

The Solution

With a clear vision of the final impact to be achieved, the owner turned to the web for inspiration and made contact with Anders+Kern.

After an initial discussion to establish a brief A+K were able to offer a number of design scenarios for consideration. As a result of A+K providing technical drawings of various screen arrangements Biagios were able start visualising what a video wall could look like.

In the end it was decided a 2x2 video wall offered the best solution. Maintaining a 16:9 aspect ratio for the video wall provided the option to extend content to other single screen locations in the future without the need to consider producing or sourcing new content.

With A+Ks Technical team involved from the early stages of the project they were able to liaise with third party contractors including electricians and shop fitters. This ensured everything was in place so the A+K team could install the video wall to provide the wow factor.

The Content

Using the built-in tiling feature of the Mitsubishi Video Wall Displays, A+K were able to daisy chain content from a single output to span all 4 screens.

The video wall content is driven by A+K PADS Digital Signage and is used to show aspirational content and brand videos to prospective customers. For example, video content is provided by Jorge Revilla and GUCCI showing jewellery and watches being made by hand.

These videos show the customer the quality and craftsmanship that goes into the final product and help re-enforce the prestigious nature of the brands. Biagio the jewellers decided they wanted to have minimal involvement in creating and managing content themselves and were only concerned with seeing the end result. For this reason it was decided A+K would host and manage the content from a remote server location.

The Future

The video wall and digital signage has proven to be a success in raising brand awareness within the store, and now thanks to the scalability of A+K PADS Digital Signage, Biagios have the opportunity to role out there signage to other stores or locations should they so wish.

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  • by Anders + Kern