ULB Base Dual Screen VC Stand
Drawing AVall ULB Dual
ULB Base Dual Screen VC Stand
Drawing AVall ULB Dual
CBS Floor Stands

A mobile VC option for dual screen setup. Includes ultralight base and static screen mounts.

Kit includes:

  • Vertical Column
  • Ultra Light Base
  • ULB Castors Kit
  • Front Steel Cover
  • Rear Steel Cover
  • Double Screen Mount
  • Flat Screen Mount Bracket (x2)
  • Blade Camera Mount
  • Universal Codec Mount
  • Extension Brackets

Product applications:

  • Video conferencing
  • Digital signage
  • Corporate presentations
  • Temporary and permanent signage
AVALL is a multifunctional range of large screen support units that provides integrated hardware storage and cable management, it is also compatible with codecs from all leading videoconferencing manufacturers.

Flatscreen and camera are not included and are shown for illustrative purposes.

Product Specifications

Specifications specific to this product

Max Load (Kg): 130Kg for 10° tilt (dependant upon configurati
Warranty: 5 year guarantee
Colour list: Black
Cleaning, Storage and Maintenance: Damp cloth, no abrasives and no solvents to be use
Dual Mount Max Screen Size: Two 55” screens
Type Of Base: UltraLight Base
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