SMS Multi Display Wall+

A premium solution that makes large communication simple.

Build a video wall easily or place the screens in a row – and choose any number or design. It’s simply a case of choosing as many modules as you need. Each module is supplied as a complete package with all necessary components, and can be set up in three easy steps.

The solution makes it easy to place the screens exactly in line and allows edge-to-edge mounting for a perfect result.

If you build a video wall you will appreciate a smart and economical finesse: the ”Push” function that pushes a screen forwards to give easy access for service and/or exchange while all other screens remain in operation.

Recommended for screens of dimension minimum 37”.

Product Specifications

Specifications specific to this product

VESA standard (mm): 100400 mm vertically. No limitation horizontally.
Max Load (Kg): 45 kg/screen
Colour list: Aluminium/Black
Adjustable: Can be adjusted both depthwise and vertically. Sim
Other: Can be locked with the accompanying locking pin or
Distance from Wall (mm): Distance wall/rear of screen is 60 mm.
Brand: SMS