Flatscreen Wall Mounts

When everything else is climbing the walls.

A flexible wall bracket that is available in several lengths. Choose a short version if you want only to have the screen on the bracket, or choose a longer version if you intend to add shelves or cabinets. The screens can be mounted on the bracket in both a vertical and a horizontal position. Electrical power sockets can be installed on the rear of the column, as an option. Can also be mounted onto concrete pillars.

The X series is characterised by clean and refined features. The cable holder, for example, into which it is easy to place all cables by hand. The surface finish has also been given extra attention.

Product Specifications

Specifications specific to this product

Swivel: +/20°
Max Load (Kg): 50 kg/screen. The optional accessory SMS X H+ Unis
Pillar Length (mm): 605
Colour list: Aluminium/White
VESA standard (mm): Delivered as standard with our Unislide SMS X H U
Other: Electrical socket must be separately ordered.
Accessories: SMS X H+ Unislide, SMS X Shelf, SMS X Media Box, S
Range: SMS X-Series
Brand: SMS
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