Well grounded.

The SMS Flatscreen FH T is a stable and reliable floor stand that embodies our three keywords - design, function and safety.

Big screens often attracts a lot of attention, so it is important that they are presented properly.

The SMS Flatscreen FH T will do your screen justice. Practical, elegant shelves (optional) can easily be mounted on to the stand and make a perfect complement to your screen. Disturbing cables are easily concealed inside the pillar.

Product Specifications

Specifications specific to this product

Tilt: +10°/3°
Max Load (Kg): 100
Pillar Length (mm): 2000
VESA-standard (mm): 200x100 / 200x200 / 400x200 / 400x400 / 600x200 /
Max holepattern (mm): 800x500
Colour list: Aluminium/Silver
Series: Flatscreen
Brand: SMS