SMS cable management

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These days, aesthetics do make an impression. So the last thing you need are unsightly cables hanging down from your screen. With SMS cable management, as many as three SCART cables and one net cable can be neatly tucked out of the way.

The cable channel is in solid aluminium and you can paint it or use wallpaper on it. Which makes it easy to hide it on the wall or in the ceiling, IF wanted. The package contains one corner piece, one connection, one angel piece and two end-pieces.

The cable channel can be contoured to follow corners and angles. Just by using a saw, you can cut and adjusted it to the right length. If you need to extend the cable channel, you can easily interconnect it to other cable channels. It is easy to install thanks to pre-drilled holes and smart fasteners that will keep the cables in place when the cable channel is set.

SMS Cable Management comes in two lengths, 500mm and 1000mm.

Product Specifications

Specifications specific to this product

Weight (Kg): 0.2
Dimensions (mm): 61x1000x18
Colour list: Aluminium/Silver
Brand: SMS