Abstracta Uniti
Abstracta Uniti
Abstracta Uniti
Abstracta Uniti
Magnetic Enamel Whiteboards

Magnetic e3 Ceramic Steel Whiteboard surface...

A Magnetic E3 enamel surface (NCS S 1002 G50Y) whiteboard of highest quality with silver or white anodized aluminium frame and rounded corners.

The back is covered with a 0,3 mm thick aluminium sheet. The whiteboard has a hidden suspension.

Delivered with penshelf (71 mm deep). External dimensions, incl pen shelf.

Product Specifications

Specifications specific to this product

Size WxH (mm): 368 x 548, 1018 x 1248, 1218 x 1248, 1218 x 948, 1518 x 1248, 1818 x 1248, 1818 x 948, 2018 x 1248, 2518 x 1248, 3018 x 1248, 468 x 318, 618 x 498, 618 x 984, 918 x 1248
Width (mm): 368
Height (mm): 548
Type: e3 Whiteboard
Range: Uniti
Frame Finish: Silver anodised aluminium, White anodised aluminium
Frame Corners: Plastic - rounded corners
Positioning: Wall Mounted
Function: Magnetic
Brand: Abstracta

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