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Unmatched for sleek, smooth consistency, PolyVision CeramicSteel is made to endure—beautifully. It is the #1 writing surface and covers a world of architecture and infrastructure, defying scratches, stains, weather, pollutants and fire. For uniformity, aesthetics and durability, PolyVision surfaces are the choice for schools, hospitals, walkways…wherever your imagination—and life—takes you.

When it comes to the rigors of classrooms and offices, e3 CeramicSteel simply outperforms. It won’t scratch, stain or fade—guaranteed. It’s also stronger and healthier, delivering unmatched erasability and a consistently smooth writing experience, which means higher quality communication for educators.

PolyVision e3 can be written on with dry-erase, semipermanent, water-soluble or permanent marker, chalk, pen or crayon without damaging the surface. It is safe and clean, with no harmful chemicals—99.9% recyclable and the only globally C2C certified surface of its kind.

Years from now, your building or tunnel will look as good as the day you built it—guaranteed.

PolyVision a3 CeramicSteel is the globally preferred architectural finish for hospitals, offices, rail stations, undergrounds, jet ways, escalators—the list is endless. It is the fabricator and architect’s choice for sleek beauty, consistency and crisp, smooth edges. No matter what you’re designing, PolyVision CeramicSteel supports your aesthetic vision across the toughest performance measures—including your own.

When comparing leading surface materials with PolyVision, ask if they meet these critical performance measures:

  • Can it resist graffiti?
  • Will it retain its vibrant color and graphics?
  • What about dirt, grease and bacteria?
  • How about weathering?
  • Does it serve the worldwide push for smart,sustainable materials?

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