Writing Walls

When giving a class or a presentation it?s important to know your equipment won?t let you down. That it?s not just easy to operate and maintain, but also quiet and unobtrusive when you?re putting a point across. Borks column boards won?t let you down.

Made of magnetic, vitreous enamel steel, the boards sit between vertical aluminium columns and their movement up and down is controlled by counter weights, making them easy to position at the perfect writing or display height.

The column boards move smoothly and noiselessly, and feel light to move, due to careful counter-balancing. They can be operated manually or with optional 24V motors that feature programmable logic control of both the writing board and the projection screen controls.

Chalkboard versions are available with green, charcoal grey, blue and black writing surfaces, and whiteboard versions come with white writing surfaces.

All Borks column boards are, moreover, completely modular and can be extended to accommodate further boards. With fittings and wires hidden in the vertical columns, the boards are able to slide up and down the full height of the supporting column, with a minimum distance from the floor of 120mm. This allows the boards to be used by users of all heights, including children and wheelchair users.

Optimum column height with a board height of 106 cm is 3000 mm.
Optimum column height with a board height of 126 cm is 3400 mm.
Board height without shelf 1010/1210 mm. Dimensions are board height including shelf.

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Product Specifications

Specifications specific to this product

Size WxH (mm): 2500x1060
Height (mm): 1060/1260
Width (mm): 2500
Range: Column board
Type of system: Complete system with 1 board
Type: e3 Whiteboard
Brand: Borks

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