SMS Presence Wall Manual Heavy

The SMS Presence Wall Manual Heavy is a stable and adjustable wall bracket available for use with heavy displays. This well-balanced solution uses a double row of springs instead of counterweights, which makes it easier to handle, and saves weight. The design is very discrete and the complete bracket, except for the handle, is fully hidden when large displays are mounted. If the display is smaller than the bracket, it can easily be covered with the SMS Presence Wall Manual Cover.

The bracket is delivered virtually pre-assembled, which makes installation quick and easy. The handle allows you to easily select the position you want, and fix the display there. The bracket also features a locking mechanism to hold the display in the correct position, providing easy access for all users. Finish: Anthracite grey.

Product Specifications

Specifications specific to this product

Range: SMS Presence
Brand: SMS
Delivery Requirements: Pallet
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