Useful Abbreviations and Naming Conventions

Follow the five steps below to derive the name of the bracket that suits your needs. 

1. Which brand do you want, SMS or Func?

2. What are you mounting, a projector or a screen?

3. Where do you want to place your projector or screen? Wall/ceiling/floor?

4. How heavy is your projector or flatscreen? This question is primary for flatscreen.

5. Which function do you require?

You have a screen, it should be mounted on the wall, the screen weights more than 30kg and it should be able to be swiveled and tilted.

SMS Flatscreen WH ST  

Or you have a screen – you want a floorstand, the screen weights below 30kg, it should be mobile and it should be able to be swivelled and tilted.     

SMS Flatscreen FM MST

Useful Abbreviations 


(C)             Ceiling          

The bracket is placed in the ceiling

(W) Wall

The bracket is placed on the wall

(F) Floor

The bracket is placed on the floor

(T) Table

The bracket is placed on the table


(F)  Fixed

The bracket is non-adjustable

(S) Swivel

The bracket can be swivelled

(T) Tilt

The bracket can be tilted

(3D) 3D

The bracket can be pulled out from the wall

(M) Mobile

The bracket is mobile, it has wheels



The bracket is adjustable in length

(H) Hidden

The bracket is hidden



The bracket carries 2 screens