eno Teacher Tips and Tricks

The Camera

How it works:

stylus camera

The eno stylus has a camera in the end that watches the eno surface and reads the microscopic dots on the board. These dots tell the stylus where it is on the board. Although it can see from a wide range of angles, the camera needs a clear view of the board in order to see the dots.

What to do:

Always hold the stylus with the camera on the part closest to the board (like you would hold a fountain pen).

Hold the stylus at a slight angle relative to the board. Do not hold the stylus exactly perpendicular to the board because the camera may see reflection from the board and have difficulty seeing the dots.

The Stylus Cap

How it works:

stylus cap

There is a button on the stylus that indicates the cap has been closed. Pressing this button turns off the stylus, and if you are holding the button while writing, your stylus may tell the computer that it has a low battery. Unfortunately, once the stylus thinks that the battery is low, it remembers it until the battery is replaced. If the stylus cap is left off, the stylus will turn off after 7.5 minutes.

What to do:

  • Do not press the button inadvertently as you write to avoid turning the stylus off or create a low battery warning.
  • Replace the stylus cap when the stylus is not in use to save battery life.
  • If you have left the cap off for more than 7.5 minutes and the pen turns off, replace the cap and then remove it again to turn the stylus back on.

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