PolyVision icon strip


icon strip vertical

Versatile and Flexible

eno is the most versatile and flexible interactive whiteboard for educators. The magnetic icon strip gives you complete control over all of the functions of the board allowing you to write, highlight and save work. And because it is magnetic, the icon strip can be placed anywhere in the room or on the eno interactive whiteboard giving complete flexibility to each user.

Programmable icon strip

eno's icon strip provides versatility for every user by giving two programmable icons.

Just like a "favourites" button on a web browser, the eno icon strip gives you two icons that can be customized to hyperlink to specific software, websites or lessons.

Fuse icon strip

PolyVision's all-in-one fuse digital visualizer is a document camera, web camera and scanner all in one. It too can work from an icon strip, while also offering multi-point control from the camera or window.

The icon strip gives teachers the flexibility to record, scan or resize images right from the interactive whiteboard. It is magnetic to sit adjacent to the eno icon strip and works in exactly the same way.