Why choose eno?

Group collaboration brings learning to life

eno interactive classroom solutions put the learning ball in motion with three users collaborating simultaneously at the board, anywhere on the surface—delivering inspiring and engaging interactive learning sessions.

Students in the back row write equations on the eno mini slate, while students up front solve them on eno classic, eno one, eno play or eno flex—all at the same time. Shy, passive students transform into eager participants.

With multi-user collaboration, creative teaching and collaborative learning are yours to embrace.

Low cost of ownership

PolyVision’s next-generation interactive whiteboard, eno, eliminates cords, cables and costly installation. The three-in-one surface zaps the need for an additional static whiteboard to accommodate dry-erase marker and magnet use.

Open architecture

Open architecture makes professional development an elective, not a prerequisite. The Forever Warranty on the e3 environmental ceramicsteel™ surface means you’ll never have to replace the board. Ever.

Environmentally certified

On the surface, eno is an interactive, marker and magnet-loving multi-tasker. But, deep down, eno does everything other interactive whiteboards do… except emit gasses, absorb marker stains, require cords and cables, demand costly installation and travel across the country in search of repairs (or landfills).

With eno, minimize your classroom’s carbon footprint and create a safer, less cluttered learning environment.