4k+ Projection and Screens

For years Stewart Filmscreen has been delivering line pair resolution well in excess of what 4k requires

Recently, there has been much ado about 4k and we are often asked if Stewart Filmscreens are "4k ready". To help clear up any confusion, Stewart Filmscreen has created the "4k+" symbol to represent a screen as being “4k (and more) ready”.

The simple truth is that, for years, Stewart screens have been used in aerospace and other applications dealing in line pair resolution well in advance of 4k. All current Stewart Filmscreens are capable of handling this resolution.

However, not all screens are optimal for applications for which you would consider a 4k projector. Therefore, for your convenience, we have created this logo to help you easily identify which screens should be considered for such applications.

So, look for this logo when you are seeking a system with 4k or greater resolution and feel safe in knowing the world's most advanced, mission critical images have been brought to life on a Stewart Filmscreen.