Writing Surfaces

Glass Writing Surfaces, Whiteboards & Notice Boards

Anders+Kern provide you with access to high quality presentation and writing board systems from leading brands such as Abstracta & Borks. Brainstorm and share your ideas on an easy to clean glass writing board, or a 25 year warranty e3 ceramic-steel whiteboard surface. Raise your expectations with height adjustable column boards, or make the most of your wall space with sliding track wall boards/ rail systems. All these products have an elegant and stylish design that will be in keeping with a professional office environment.

e3 Ceramic steel Whiteboards

High quality presentation and writing board system with e3 surface.

Glass Writing Boards

Visually pleasing these high quality glass boards are the centrepiece for any meeting room

Wall Boards & Rail Systems

Hold dedicated whiteboard, glass board or flip chart in a specially designed rails track system

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards solutions including the worlds largest interactive board at 135 Inches.

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