i3 Interactive Whiteboards

i3 Interactive Boards

Multi-user Interaction Up To 10 Simultaneous Touches

Compared to traditional interactive whiteboards, the i3BOARD includes several unique features. Other than stylus and finger touch recognition, the precise and reliable V-Sense touch technology design allows multiuser interaction up to 10 simultaneous touches. The ultra-narrow aluminium frame gives the i3BOARD a sleek appearance and makes maintenance easy, lowering the long term total cost of ownership.

The durable enamel steel surface with lifetime warranty is at home in harsh environments. Not only a technologically advanced interactive whiteboard but also an easy to use dry-erase whiteboard, i3BOARD combines the best of both worlds and is a perfect match for modern learning scenarios in mixed use environments.

i3Board is available in a 6 Touch version and a 10 Touch version.

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