Stewart screens will work beautifully with a wide range of projectors. Image size and projector light output can be matched to the appropriate Stewart fabric, yielding predictable professional results. For the best image, the picture should not be viewed at angles greater than 45 percent off-axis or outside a 90-degree seating cone. The best projection results are obtained in darkened rooms, enhancing black/white contrast and picture resolution. However, there are installations such as residential media rooms, corporate boardrooms and large meeting rooms where a certain amount of ambient light will always be present. In those cases, gray screen technology is most likely the best option. Another solution is to prevent extraneous lighting from being directed at the screen. Higher lumen output projectors match well with lower gain screen surfaces. Hot spot artifacts are minimized; resolution and viewing angles are increased. Projectors with lower lumen output can be augmented with a quality Stewart high gain screen. Brightness is retrieved and the image emerges even when ambient light control is not optimum. Contact your projector manufacturer for required information pertaining to image size, focal length of lens and ANSI lumen output.